Support for all current video formats

VideoDrive supports all current formats including mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, m4v, avi, wmv, m2v, flv, wma, divx, mkv, asf, dv, 3gp, ogg, ogv, gif, xvid, omg, trp, flac, m2ts, eyetv, mts, ts, vob and VIDEO_TS. If your video plays in QuickTime, VideoDrive will be able to import it in iTunes.

Import videos lightning fast

Why waste time converting all your videos if you watch most of them on your mac, in Front Row or on your Hacked white AppleTV? VideoDrive offers 5 ways to put your videos in iTunes without conversions so their original video quality is preserved (1).

Support for iPhone, iPod and iPad conversions

Do you want to take your videos with you? The iPhone, iPod and iPad and black AppleTV offer hardware support for H.264 videos to conserve power. VideoDrive offers 4 ways to convert your videos with QuickTime, HandBrake and Elgato Turbo.264 HD (2).

Automatically tag videos as movies or TV Shows

Nothing is more boring than a flat file list of your videos. VideoDrive will identify your movies and TV Shows and automatically adds metadata such as descriptions, taglines, episode information and artwork. Your videos will look great in cover flow in iTunes and all your other devices (3).

Store your video files where you want

Do you want to keep your videos inside the iTunes media folder? Or rather in an external folder or disk? VideoDrive supports all these scenario’s to keep those big video files wherever you want.

Advanced features

Subtitle support in iTunes, iPod, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV. Download, display, toggle and resize subtitles! Automatic processing of downloaded videos, metadata editor, Growl messaging support, reusable metadata presets, HD image quality, and much more!

(1) On MacOSX (Mountain) Lion, iTunes needs to run in 32bit mode to play unconverted videos, as QuickTime is 32bit only. Mavericks does not support 32 bit mode.

(2) QuickTime and iTunes are products of Apple Inc. HandBrake is a product by the HandBrake project. Elgato Turbo.264 is a product by Elgato.

  1. (3)All metadata found online is owned and copyrighted by, an Amazon company.

  2. (4)EyeTV, trp, m2ts, mts, and ts files and VIDEO_TS folders can only be imported with video conversion.